Shabbat Message: July 18, 2020
By Debbi Kaner Goldich International President
Last Sunday at Convention Zoomburg, you heard the story of the five Daughters of Zelophehad, which occurs in this week’s combined Torah portion of Mattot-Massei. They were Mahla, Noa, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah. Some scholars believe this Biblical story and legal decision is fiction and only created to illustrate the laws of inheritance. Those laws of inheritance that they fought for have since been revoked and updated as our society has changed and modernized.
What do we learn from the story of those five women that we can apply to today? We have learned to:
-Use our power to help those who have less.
- Speak up for ourselves and others when we witness or  experience discrimination.   
-Set a precedent when others have shied away from difficult issues.
-Work together to change the laws for a better world.
Those laws of inheritance are just a symbol of all the difficulties and challenges that we face as women today.  We now have the right to vote, buy land, obtain a mortgage and chose whom to love and how to care for our own bodies.  Those rights did not come without a fight by women collectively advocating.
As the 23rd President of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, I hope to continue to focus on Women’s rights and social advocacy and make it a cornerstone of my presidency.  Our World Affairs, Social Justice and Resolutions Committees will be actively involved in this mission.  Women’s League has a history of creating timely and worthwhile resolutions.  Please read them.  They can be found on the WLCJ website.  
Please feel free to write to me with your ideas and thoughts on how we, as an organization, can resolve to improve this world just as Mahla, Noa, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah did so many years ago.
Sisterly yours,
Debbi Kaner Goldich
International President
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