Shabbat Message: July 25, 2020
By Debbi Kaner Goldich International President
   I have been asked this question many times since September 2019 when the Nominating Committee called my name and it was formally announced in January 2020. For me, it is an easy answer that I would like to share with you now.
     If I have been lucky enough to be your Conference Consultant, then you have heard my Keynote that tells the tale of my family legacy.  Born to two grandmothers named Sarah and Rebecca who had a major influence on my life.  Both came from Europe, one as an infant and the other as a young woman in her twenties.  Both came from Orthodox families and struggled financially to make a Jewish home.  They never lost sight of those values such as Hachnasat Orchim, the welcoming of strangers and the giving of Tzedakah with a full and loving heart. The family legacy of important biblical names continue with my mom’s sister Ruth who was the first Sisterhood president I knew.  She and my mom, who served as treasurer in our small suburban Boston synagogue, helped to lead a thriving Sisterhood for many years.  And finally my sister’s Hebrew name is Esther. From her I learn about courage, just like the Esther of the Purim story.
From generation to generation we are told repeatedly.  With the combination of that family legacy of names and the reinforcement of our liturgy that mandates it is our responsibility to teach the Passover story to our children, how could I not want this coveted position?   That is my answer.  I became involved in Sisterhood about forty years ago so that I could show my children the value of being an active member of the Jewish community. Today I continue so that I can teach my grandchildren that same value.  Do I realize the Conservative Jewish world is different than it was forty years ago?  Of course I do, but the mandate to teach the next generation has not changed in thousands of years.
Shabbat Shalom,
Granddaughter Sylvie Goldich watching Debbi's                     Debbi Kaner Goldich, Ellen Kaner Bresnick and Libby Kaner   installation speech                                                                    at WLCJ Convention 2014
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