Shabbat Message
October 3, 2020 | 15th of Tishrei, 5781
By Debbi Kaner Goldich, International President
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As many of you in Sisterhood leadership know, many of the decisions in Sisterhood are made in the parking lot after the meeting or in the ladies’ room before the meeting starts, or even in the synagogue kitchen while preparing for an event. We walk out of the Sisterhood meetings with our friends and we go to visit the ladies’ room with our friends, and we cook with our friends, so those informal meetings are an opportunity to speak openly and freely with whom we are closest. 
Many of you have read what I have written about the Crown Jewel of our current Women’s League programming-our Psalms prayer service every day at noon, East Coast time.  We say the Misheberach prayer, study a psalm and recite Mourner’s Kaddish. Often the psalm is taught by our Rabbi Ellen but a few days a week, we learn from our own members. Although the call starts at noon, there is a cadre of women who get on between 30-40 minutes before it. This “meeting before the meeting” is an opportunity to connect, schmooze and learn from each other. These past two weeks our women shared their experiences with Zoom and Livestream holiday services. They discussed how Halacha played a part in their services, and even how they experienced the differences on a personal level. This time is also a safe place to ask questions of the others and Rabbi Ellen without fear of embarrassment. The safe place extends to all and there is no discussion of politics.  It is also a time of sharing happy events such as children’s weddings and grandchildrens’ b’nai mitzvah and engagements. And, we celebrate each woman’s birthday and sing Happy Birthday in the Zoom way. We share recipes and recommendations for books and television shows. This group of women from all over North America and Israel has become a Sisterhood unto itself. They have become friends and sisters in the past six months and look forward to being together every day. 
Join us for the “meeting before the meeting”. Everyone is welcome! We introduce all new members. The Zoom link is published each week on the WL Week. Be a part of this spontaneous pop-up sisterhood and share your noon hour with the wonderful and caring women of Women’s League. I do, and it is the highlight of my day.
Shabbat shalom and Chag Sameach,
Debbi Kaner Goldich
WLCJ International President
Women's League for Conservative Judaism
Women's League for Conservative Judaism | 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 820New York, NY 10115
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